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Datacard Sd260 Card Printer Driver


Run the executable or extract the installation files to a location on your disk. Orientation, Print on Both Sides, and Rotate front side card image degrees. If the printer status is something other than Ready or Busy, determine why the printer is unavailable. The printer name displays in the Share name field.


The following sections describe each of the Advanced options. You also can use an escape to specify the input hopper to use. When the Card Printer Driver detects that a printer is enabled for secure communications, it encrypts the data before sending it to the printer. This setting does not display for single-hopper printers.

Contrast Evaluate the appearance of the cards. Use Printer Pooling Use Printer Pooling Printer pooling is used in card production environments in which an application prints to a group of printers. Open the Printer Properties window.

The Card Printer Driver does not determine if each printer in the pool is ready to receive card jobs. Debow The Card Debow the Card When you apply an overlay to a card, the card may become bowed slightly due to heat from the laminator. Completed The number of cards that completed successfully. Block the application of primer over the smart card chip on the front of the card. The method for printing on both sides depends on the printer model.

DataCard SD260 User Manual

DataCard SD260 User Manual

Test your printer by printing a sample card. If the printer does not support rewritable cards, motorola sb5100e surfboard cable modem driver the Rewrite option is not available. Use the update process to update the Card Printer Driver to a newer version. Total All the cards the printer has processed. Be aware of the following as you plan to install the Card Printer Driver.

The second layer does not contain any images, and is applied to provide added durability to the card. Split-ribbon Color Printing Split-Ribbon Color Printing Two-sided, split-ribbon color printing uses a single ribbon panel set to print both sides of a card.

Do not defeat or bypass the ground lead. The beginning of the escape. Review the Group or user names list. If the names or groups do not display in the list, add the names or a group as follows. Does the card have a yellow cast or do photos have a greenish tint?

Change the other Rewritable settings, as needed. The tab displays current and total counts.

Indicates the beginning of the escape. The ribbon can be a full-panel or short-panel color ribbon. For card printers that support printing to rewritable cards, use the Print Mode tab to tell the printer to use the rewrite feature. If the image is pure black on a white background, the Card Printer Driver processes it using the black K panel of the print ribbon.

If the Do you trust this printer? Network Installation Troubleshooting Network Installation Troubleshooting Problem Solution The network cable is Reconnect the data cable to the network port and the printer, loose. If multiple escapes are entered separately, only the last escape is used. Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. Repeat for each name you want to add.

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Datacard sd260 card printer driver

The distance in mm from the top of the card to the start of the print blocking area. Repeat for each user or group. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. Identifies the escape as a laminator escape. If the printer connects to a network via Ethernet, you can continue with the uninstall.


Connect the printer to the network with an Ethernet cable. Save the driver files to your computer. Use the Card Printer Driver update process to install the new version. Install and set up the Card Printer Driver. Color Balance Color Balance Evaluate the image for color balance.

Current All cards printed since the last time the count was reset. Impresser Escape Only one escape is used. Keep track of the printer names.


Display the Devices and Printers window. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver.

Enter product name or numberSD260 Support

Processes it for personalizing a card. Write down the printer name.