Does elena dating damon vampire diaries, the vampire diaries series finale who did elena end up with (spoilers)

The Vampire Diaries Series Finale Who Did Elena End Up With (SPOILERS)

Damon states he doesn't want to talk about it. In what episode does Elena dump Stefan for Damon? She doesn't fall for it, able to smell the wolfsbane in his drink.

He misses celebrating Christmas with Stefan, which used to be their favorite holiday when they were human. Stefan wants to kill Silas because he locked him in a safe for the whole summer where he repeatedly drowned. She then has another vision in which she sees the house address and hence announces where to find Markos. Rebekah is shot at through the Window and Damon escapes.

Elena and Damon
The Vampire Diaries Series Finale Who Did Elena End Up With (SPOILERS)

After dispatching the deputies, Damon decides to take out some aggression on Matt and is about to snap his neck when stopped by the new vampire Elena. Damon with the help of Sheriff figures that it was actually him who killed Maggie and not Stefan. At the Salvatore house, Jeremy tells Elena and Damon that he has decided to live with Matt and Tyler leaving both of them upset.

Damon believes it to be Stefan that did it, but Mason had actually been the one who tortured him. In season four, Elena is faced with the tough decision of whether to die or to feed on human blood so she can fully transition into a vampire. Who does Caroline stay with in Vampire Diaries? Testing the set of the vampire diaries fans are elena and. The three of them later end up in a car accident, best places with their car driving off a bridge.

Damon admits that he was bitten by a werewolf, which both of them know means the death of a vampire. She thinks he wants to talk about last night. The bite heals immediately, mystifying both vampires. Katherine had been keeping Damon's phone and Damon demands it back, where he finds out that Bonnie has been searching for him and Klaus is back in town.

Horrified Klaus flees town, taking Elena's blood with him. Elena starts to get hysterical but Damon calms her down and she goes back inside the church. After Klaus reveals his identity, Damon sends Elena to find Stefan, grabbing Bonnie and making a plan with her to fake her death so Klaus will give up in his attempts to kill her. Elena damon vampire diaries dating real life.

  1. She hits her knees beside him, holding him against her chest as she searches for someone to help them.
  2. He shoves the plant into Mason's mouth, causing him immense pain.
  3. After dealing with Klaus Damon quickly goes to Elena's hospital room and gently carries her back to the boarding house.
  4. Damon wonders if she's dead, though he seems rather disturbed by the idea.
  5. When she and Stefan are on the parade float waving to the crowd, Elena waves, smiling at Bonnie, and Damon appears between them and waves back.
  6. He plans together with Mikael how Klaus can be killed.

Damon tells Elena that she looks stunning. Damon's anxieties about Elena were coming to the forefront. She reveals that some of the twenty-five vampires in the tomb are living with them in a farmhouse just outside of town.

Instead, Stefan reminds Damon of all the times he's ruined his life and how he can't seem to help doing it. Damon walks away, the uk dating group leaving Elena crying about what had happened. Stefan thought of Katherine.

He comforts her, but seems incredibly intrigued by the fact that Lockwood was affected by the Gilbert Device. Before parting ways Damon tells Elena not to risk her life in saving Katherine as she is not even worth a hair on Elena's head and then they kiss. Later, Elena tells Stefan and Damon that she no longer wants the cure and has no intention to take it. Damon later goes back to the mansion, where Bill is.

Damon Salvatore

What season does Elena and Damon date

What season does Elena and Damon date
Will Elena date Damon in vampire diaries

Damon & Elena s 10 best moments from The Vampire Diaries

Stefan is free and Damon gets home, angry. Elena refused as she wanted to go as well then Silas used his magic on the crossbow to shoot Elena in the leg which upset Damon as he hurried to her side. It was all about survival, hermaphrodite after all. Advertisement Elena tells Stefan she loves him.

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As a response Stefan punched him, hard, because Elena told him she had kissed Damon. The witch Lucy uses the moon stone to subdue Katherine, apologizing to the brothers for her involvement with Katherine. Elena explains to Stefan that since she turned, Damon and her have something more. Damon later sees John Gilbert standing to give a speech, and he expresses shock and, to Alaric, points out that John is wearing the same ring.

He goes to talk to Alaric, unaware that he's actually Klaus. Damon was using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on her arm. Damon then slowly walks up to Elena, then she believes he is going to kiss her. Damon did exactly that and among the ones he killed was Aaron Whitmore's parents and Aaron was among the ones that he kept alive. After revealing that Matt had the Gilbert Ring on, Elena's humanity was switched on and her emotions were focused on hate towards Katherine for killing Jeremy.

Elena Gilbert

  • The Vampire Diaries character.
  • After Klaus took the coffins, Damon went home and Stefan came in.
  • When Damon returns to the boarding house, Jeremy is there, and he's laced Damon's alcohol with Vervain.
  • After a brief phone call with Stefan, Elena proposes to offer to trade herself for the hostages, since Connor does not yet know she's a vampire.
Who is elena dating vampire diaries
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Does Elena date Damon in season 4

They got back in season is them not dating in masters great same websites dating. Is Jeremy in the vampire diaries dating bonnie in the vampire diaries? Damon almost decides he'd rather stay a vampire until he witnesses an interaction between an older couple.

In season six, Elena starts back at Whitmore, and is unable to set foot in her hometown. At the Salvatore boarding house, Damon waits until Alaric is revived, apologizing, but saying that he's fed up that everyone wants to change him. Later at the Salvatore house, Damon finds Elena reading through her dad's journal. He didn't realize that Stefan had spiked her drink while dancing with her, and that he'd just consumed enough Vervain to render him harmless. Damon is the first to give in to her taunts, attempting to stake Katherine after pouring her a drink.

She had no recollection as to how the necklace was returned to her. Every year on New Year's Eve, the Augustine docs let the vampires out of their cells, though still in a cage with vervained bars, for a party. Knowing that Elijah will come after Elena, Damon participates in a plan to bring him down, helping Stefan transport the body back to the basement. However, Elena involves herself, desperate to find Stefan. Elena asks him to support her decision but he says that he would rather convince her to stay and kisses her.

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