Matrox G AGP driver setup/install fails in WIN10 - Microsoft Community

G400dhd Display Driver

G400dhd display driver

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Matrox G AGP driver setup/install fails in WIN10 - Microsoft Community

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Is g400dhd.dll harmful

Hence the display adaptor remains as a Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor entry. As a Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor it doesn't offer support for the second screen the card can supply when a cosher driver is installed. The Display entry has Matrox G listed rather than Basic Display Adaptor, although it is actually still running the latter driver. So, do those files get copied during the running of the Matrox setup app, icd2 xp driver or when the driver is installed such as when you run Update Driver Software from Device Manager?

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What is g400dhd.dll doing on my computer

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It will be interesting to see when I share the printer whether it copies the driver from the desktop or I have to re-run the above.

Unfortunately a new account didn't have any affect. Anyone out there familiar with driver coding that could possibly explain or offer any help?

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