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The issue accelerates until something gives way. This pin mirrors some small amount of the actual output current. Then, a still lower threshold is used to reset the diagnostic flag. The control section does not need that thickness but uses it to save on additional masks.

The protected high-side driver control circuit consists of a charge pump, a voltage clamp, a basic current-limiting circuit and a thermal shutdown circuit. With that said, the microcontroller has a lot of thinking to do to make sure that the high-side driver is in a faulted mode and shut it down before it's damaged by thermal stress. Even if the N-channel was being used in a low-side configuration, the driver chip would be needed to properly drive the gate fast enough. Unfortunately, for semiconductor devices, high current and high temperature is a recipe for disaster. Leading-edge product portfolio for a wide range of automotive applications.

This appears as hot spots around the bonding areas. Ironically, in so doing they in-crease the extent of the thermal excursion and as a result the level of thermal fatigue, thus causing the device to fail sooner. We seem to be making that a possibility today. Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox. As a result, you may be unable to access certain features.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This kind of protection generates high physical stress on the surface of the power device. With a high current limit level there is a fairly fast thermal rise on the surface of the die when driving into a shorted load.

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Specifically, lan driver for intel motherboard dh55tc the protected high side driver is used to drive everything from headlamps to rear defrosters heat-ed backlights. The next generation of intelligent drivers will have to address this problem head on.

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High and Low Side Drivers / Switches - STMicroelectronics

Marketing proposal for customer feedback. This type of protection strategy can prevent catastrophic damage to the device while allowing for repeated actuations into a shorted load.

Highside driver

If nothing is done to control the thermal rise during a short, the device will be protected for a shorted load only once, much like a fuse is useful once. Then, once a predetermined number of actuations has been exceeded, the output is disabled until the next battery cycle. The two mantras of automotive electronics are low cost and high reliability. Then a mechanic, after fixing the shorted load, can disconnect and then reconnect the battery, resetting the counter.

Placing bond wires on active ares like this may have saved some die area but in the process did three things against them. This two-stage current limit is initially high to allow for standard bulb inrushes and current-sensing tolerances.

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We want to even out the heat as well as slow it down to a more elastic rate. Thermal fatigue is both a mechanical issue and a control issue. Product is in volume production only to support customers ongoing production. That exposure can be limited in a number of ways.

Product is under characterization. That could be the silicon, a bond wire or a circuit board.

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